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Company predecessor manufacturing electrolytic machine in the 70 s, early 80 s the order of national mechanical industry, developed by institute of electrical process and zibo factory cooperation electrochemical deburring machine, a researcher is now the company chief engineer project director Hou ZhongYi. In the project Mr.hou have received awards from the national patent products, national spark, prize of scientific and technological progress second prize, third prize of science and technology in shandong province outstanding new product award. Enterprise development up to now, has become a domestic professional company manufacturing electrochemical deburring machine. Have a r&d team and manufacturing base, patent technology, market and service professionals, at home and abroad to provide comprehensive electrochemical deburring machine tool series products, the domestic market share of 80%.

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High Sensitivity Of Conductivity DetectorsThe conductivity detector has many features, including a convertible probe, temperature °c or °f, adjustable automatic temperature compensation, battery indicator, stability indicator, automatic shutdown and automatic calibration at float, waterproof enclosure. EC59 also displays the EC (3999ΜS/CM) or TDs ($number ppm) value on the screen. He can also dis...