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Classification of optical materials

Polishing wool: wool buffing for conventional cutting materials, grinding ability, exhibiting, grinding will leave swirl. Generally used for grinding and polishing of ordinary paint, for caution in clear lacquer. Generally consists of both white and yellow, polishing the bottom automatically paste to achieve the rapid conversion of optical. General white wool polishing cutting ability, can remove the paint badly flawed, cooperate with the rapid removal of thick wax polished orange peel or modify ground scar; yellow white wool polishing wool polishing cutting force weak, generally combined with fine wax to Polish the paint, remove the paint rough wipe wax polishing scratches and minor injuries. Maintenance instructions: air nozzle clean regularly with a brush or comb the wool covers, clear wax. Operation if the wool is blocked, should be removed, put on a clean wool, continue to Polish. Also used wool to make dry, dry, comb wash brush. Attention must use warm water when washing, never use hot water, strong alkaline detergents or solvents to clean. Use the washing machine cleaning only use a soft block. Often dried using the air, it is best not machine dry.

Sponge polishing disc: wool polishing its cutting force weak and leaves no swirl, is able to remove paint defects. Polishing back automatically pasted at bottom, you can quickly convert the polishing wheel. Can be used for body of ordinary paint and lacquer grinding and polishing, generally used for wool polishing after polishing and waxing. Recommends that the polishing machine speed of 1 500~2 500 r/rain, not more than 3 000 r/min. Sponge polishing disc the color generally can be divided into the following three types: yellow: General Research disc, quality is hard to eliminate or scratch the oxide film. White: polishing, soft, delicate, polished to remove scratches or hair. Black plate: General recovery disk, soft, gentle, polished fit body with a transparent paint and ordinary paint restoration.