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Deburring machine

Deburring machine there, by the way can be divided into physical and chemical deburring deburring.

Chemical deburring method there are two main types: a pure chemical deburring, b electrochemical deburring.

Physical method of deburring currently has: a. vibration lapping, deburring, rolling deburring b, c magnetic machine d powerful ultrasonic deburring.

Magnetic deburring machine is to use the powerful electromagnetic force, conducting small grinding stainless steel needle, high speed flows, turning and other movements, in the workpiece hole, surface friction. Burr of workpiece efficient removal, and cleaning polishing effect.

Deburring machine is widely used for small precision parts for deburring, go fly side, rotating angles, rust, oxidation pretreatment, electroplating, and remove cutter patterns, such as, the deburring machine deburring and polishing the lightening, cleaning the new energy. Especially for complex shapes, easy deformation micro-precision parts, special thin arms, thin section, slot parts such as deburring problems. Deburring machine's biggest advantage is that at the time of deburring, without changing the workpiece size accuracy, look and feel is significantly improved, but also has features such as polishing and brightening. After polishing the surface to the center of the mirror light.