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Deburring machine

Opened machine Hou, will artifacts by less pour more into polishing barrels, artifacts of how many and weight and artifacts of size has and the to of relationship, so artifacts slowly into to increased, pour artifacts rotating slows down, but not can artifacts not moving, dang artifacts not moving rotating Shi, polishing out of products liquid will not uniform, polishing time also will with of not necessary of added long.

Before polishing, grease on the surface of the workpiece must be cleaned, polishing slurry is unable to remove large amounts of grease, or artifacts, polished pins, water, polished barrels will be black, and because the slipping influence the Deburr effect. Cleaning polishing needles must be used cleaning fluid, polished barrels and dry.

Deburring machine pan for machinery manufacturing deburring deburring, electronic parts, instrumentation, deburring, light, clock parts, deburring, military aerospace, textile equipment parts, deburring deburring, car parts, bearing industry, medical equipment, precision components for deburring, powder metallurgy, metal stamping, deburring, crafts, tools and many other industries. For small and medium precision deburring, fly edges, chamfering, rust, descaling, removal and processing grain marks, polishing, polishing, polishing and other significant performance increase, can be completely replaced or exceed expensive imports of deburring and polishing equipment, directly benefiting the many domestic production-oriented enterprises.