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Details of plate and frame filter press

1: plate-and-frame filter press in accordance with the work can be divided into manual plate-and-frame filter presses, automatic plate-and-frame filter presses, semi-automatic plate-and-frame filter press; plate-and-frame filter press can be an important element-filter plate to distinguish, common polypropylene plate-and-frame filter presses, rubber plate and plate-and-frame filter press.

2: filter based on whether the cake needs to be washed, can be divided can not be washed and washed two forms, you can wash the washable, otherwise known as not washing. Washable filter presses filter plate there are two forms of plate is provided with a washing liquid into the hole known as hole filter plate (also known as washing plates), says that is not open washing liquid into the hole without hole filter plate (also called non-washing). Washable filter presses and one-way washing and washing of bi-directional, one-way washing is made of perforated filter plate and non-hole filter plate placed alternately; double wash for perforated filter plate filter plate, but two adjacent filter plate placed in the washing should be staggered, cannot pass the washings.

A. manual Board box type pressure filter machine respectively by filter box, and filter cloth, and filter Board and filter Board filter cloth composition of filter parts and on filter part for pressure tight (handwheel, and Jack) of machine frame parts, check push Board end the hole, respectively for into material hole, into washing liquid hole, filtrate discharge set liquid hole, washing liquid discharge set liquid hole,. Depending on your selection of filter press model tipping pipe.

II. hydraulic pressure plate and frame filter presses by the host (the frame and filter Chamber), hydraulic components and electrical components.