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Polishing machine

Polishing machines, also known as grinders, often used as a mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. Its working principle is: motor drive mounted on a polishing machine, sponge or wool polishing high speed rotation, due to the interaction of buffing and polishing agents and friction with the parabolic surface, then to remove paint contamination, the oxide layer, the purpose of impressions. Polishing speed 1500-3000 r/min, stepless, construction can be adjusted as required.

(1) according to both pneumatic and electric power sources. Pneumatic type safe, but needed gas source; electric easier to solve the power problem, but be sure to pay attention to the safe use of electricity.

(2) according to features dual function for industrial use scrub/polisher and two simple polishing machines. Bifunctional scrub polishing function install grinding wheels grinding materials for industrial use, but also for polishing car paint protection on buried. This machine is heavy, for 2-3 kg, but worked very smoothly and not easily damaged. Such models can reduce the speed of adjustment, suitable for use in professional beauty care staff. Simple polishing machines are actually drilling rigs, small size, speed is not adjustable, but difficult to use balance; professional beauty care personnel generally do not use such models.

(3) classification by speed high speed polishing machine, medium and slow speed polishing machine polishing machine for three. 1750-3000 r/mAn high speed polishing machine speed, speed adjustable-speed polishing machine speed of 1 200-1 600 r/rain, speed adjustable speed of 1 200R/min low speed polishing machine, speed is not adjustable.