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Round tube polishing machine

More round tube polishing machine is used Centerless mill principle, by throwing mill and sent into two big institutions composition, through regulation mill head feed, can on artifacts for Dayu volume grinding or fine mill throwing, through regulation oriented round spacing, can on different specifications of artifacts for processing, the machine sent into institutions used no level speed device, can through change processing pieces of into to speed, makes artifacts reached ideal of mill throwing effect. According to different materials and polishing of workpieces requirements and flexible selection of abrasive wheel, wheels, cloth wheel, nylon wheel and other polishing tools for polishing of workpieces. Workpiece pallet is adopted wear-resisting material, without frequent adjustments. Work piece size change adjustments, this machine uses the "one-way mobile two-way" structure, support plate adjustment simpler. Whole line polishing machine, feeding devices, discharging device consists of three parts. And a standard type, automatic, environment-friendly and economical and many other models for customers to choose. Host number according to the surface of the original grinding head and the surface finish requirements, in order to develop.