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The five advantages of plate and frame filter press

Through the pneumatic valve dregs, can be used to reduce the labor intensity of workers;

II do not use the filter cloth and filter, you can greatly reduce the cost of filtering;

③ apply the airtight operation, environmental protection, and there is no material loss;

④ When the vibration when falling, and can greatly reduce labor intensity to achieve continuous operations;

⑤ in liquid slag filter and activated carbon filter and dehydration when well instead of the plate-and-frame filter, filter device of choice in the industry.

Daily maintenance

(1) Department of attention to the connection parts are loose, should always be fastened.

(2) press the shaft or clamping screw should be kept well lubricated to prevent foreign objects.

(3) pressure gauges should be calibrated regularly to ensure their sensitivity.

(4) remove the plate and frame, storage should be laying flat to prevent deflection.

(5) every class check the hydraulic system pressure and the oil in the tank is within the specified range.

(6) the 46# should include cleaning the tank hydraulic oil, and 80-100 mesh filter is added prohibited oil to tanks containing impurities or moisture.

(7) the operators should adhere to the cleaning equipment and health at any time, maintaining a clean filter, so that the equipment and around the cake, and other debris.