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Deburring Machine Frequency Adjustable

Deburring machine mainly has electric motor, electrically controlled parts, hydraulic parts, auxiliary fixture, Operation console, polishing nozzle, chassis, base and other parts, Deburring Machine each part of the equipment in the process of operation is crucial, indispensable, in this, for everyone to give a specific description of the polishing machine fixture function and components.

Deburring Machine fixture in the operation of equipment, the main role in the fixed, mainly for the placement of polished objects, Deburring Machine to ensure that the device will not move back and forth in the work, resulting in poor polishing effect.

Deburring machine Clamp is mainly composed of swinging arm, adjusting screw, pressure arm, upper pressure knife block, lower pressure knife block, and knife clamp seat, wherein the swinging arm is connected to the clamp seat of the knife, and the swinging arm can rotate around the hinge, forming a lever, Deburring Machine the lower end of the swinging arm is connected with a power source, and the upper end of the swinging arm is connected with the bottom of the adjusting screw through the hinge and the nut and the nut are fastened to the right side of the pressure arm, and the pressure arm is connected to the knife by hinges. The clamp seat, and can rotate around the hinge to form a lever, The left of the pressure arm is connected with the upper pressing tool block by screws, and the lower pressure knife block is connected with the screw in the clamping seat, so that the upper pressure tool block is opposite to the lower pressure tool block.

What are the characteristics of deburring machine?

Frequency adjustable to meet the needs of all kinds of workpiece deburring;

Finish the reminder polishing work;

voltage, current, frequency, time can be monitored;

Can set off time, processing speed, safe operation;

After grinding, the workpiece is never deformed, does not damage the surface, Deburring Machine does not affect the accuracy;

Automatic rapid removal of burrs, chamfering, polishing, cleaning and other multiple effects;

deburring to irregular parts, hole-like, tubular and other dead corners, such as cracks can be polished deburring;

Low cost, fast, about 2-15 minutes to complete, simple operation, can be one person multiple machine operation.