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Deburring Machine Processing Quality Excellent

In the field of machinery manufacturing, along with the material through a variety of processing means to become part of the same time, produced by the shadow and with, no matter what processing technology, Burr is only the size difference, but inevitably can not eradicate. Deburring Machine This needs to be further processed later, eight exhausted its energy. But in principle, the process of Burr is also a processing, then it will generate new burr, so repeated, so this discussion of deburring technology is only a certain meaning of burr removal, this article only to the plane plate parts surface deburring technology as the focus of discussion.

Most of the board parts are shaped by cutting and stamping, cutting is divided into oxygen cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting, ultra-high pressure water jet cutting, electrolytic cutting and cutting. Stamping is usually divided into general punching processing, digital punching processing, fine blanking processing and hydraulic processing. In cutting parts, oxygen cutting and plasma cutting of the processing quality is the worst, Deburring Machine the parts of the surface has a large number of slag and flying edge, cut off the section has a very serious oxidation layer, for such parts the general requirement is to hang slag and fly edge removal can be, so the use of dry belt grinder can meet the requirements, its processing principle is the entire surface of the workpiece grinding to remove slag and fly edge. But this method can not remove the oxide layer of the section, and the edge of the workpiece is also more serious. And for the demanding users, in addition to the removal of slag and fly edge, but also required to cross the cross-section of the oxide layer should be removed clean, and the edge of the workpiece chamfer should be even, ordinary abrasive belt grinding has been unable to meet the requirements.

Today's most advanced processing technology is the use of double-sided automatic grinding belt deburring machine, grinding with a variety of specifications to meet the different requirements: 1: Fight slag and flying edge with strong steel ball Mill Belt 2: Heavy grinding trimming with abrasive belt 3: Precision grinding with DuPont Wire grinding belt 4: Rust cleaning with the use of steel wire grinding belt due to elastic scraping, file, Deburring Machine grinding composite processing principle, so that the edge of the workpiece with a directional processing of the characteristics of the plane, the force is very small, so it has a burr-only surface effect, For the processing of galvanized plate, such as film plate has excellent effect, and because of its elastic processing principle, so that the grinding belt can penetrate into the workpiece cross-section, so also has a good cross-section oxide removal effect. Laser and water jet cutting parts precision is very high, the burr is also very small, most manufacturers will not do deburring process, but for the high requirements of the user, Deburring Machine this process is still not omitted, processing such parts of the most ideal equipment or double-sided

Deburring machine, with superior processing quality, high efficiency, low cost characteristics, a machine far more than 20 professional deburring workers. Processing thickness from 1MM to thicker can be competent, different materials only need to replace the corresponding grinding belt. This kind of processing technology is also suitable for Puchong and punching parts, so long as the workpiece conforms to the machine's use specifications, it can achieve high quality processing effect. Relative to the plane parts, many surface with concave and convex shape of the fine-blanking parts are not suitable for ordinary abrasive belt deburring machine and double-sided deburring machine, and this type of parts are generally small size, also does not conform to the two types of machine processing range. Deburring Machine For this kind of workpiece will use a planetary-type End-disc deburring machine, it usually uses a special conveyor belt, with the magnetic conveying bed, according to the size of the workpiece burr, the configuration of a abrasive belt grinding head and 2-3 planetary end-face grinding head, such a configuration can be perfect to solve a variety of fine blanking parts of the burr, processing finished parts can maintain the original size accuracy and to achieve the perfect deburring effect. Different materials can be used to choose different grinding and abrasive belts. Another kind of plate-shaped parts with deep concave-convex surface, such as the plane rib-plate parts of milling and forming, its cavity is deep.