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Deburring Machine Processing Speed

The deburring machine is particularly suitable for small-caliber metal pipe. After the bar material is processed, the burrs are removed in batches. The main technical feature is that the drum box is tilted at an angle of 20 ° and is mounted on the frame. Four front rollers on each of the front rollers of the front end of the drum box, Deburring Machine which are screwed to the front of the drum box. The rear end of the drum is fixed to four rear rollers which are 90 ° and are fixed to the bottom end of the drum by nuts On the four after the wheel, the drum along the radial edge of the metal spiral with a metal, it uses the gear motor to drive the drum to 50 to 60 r / min speed timing positive and negative rotation, the metal spiral on the drum to remove the metal Rough parts of the surface after the burr, Deburring Machine automatically driven parts from the hopper out of the product, into the product box. Deburring Machine It has a simple structure, operation, easy maintenance, burr removal rate is high.

Deburring machine, rely on the magnetic field distribution of small grinding steel needle, through the production of high-speed flow U-turn and other actions in the workpiece surface friction, to achieve polishing, cleaning, removal of burr, and other precision grinding effect.

Deburring Machine Features:

1. Light iron metal, non-ferrous metals, hard plastic and other precision parts of finished products, remove the burr, chamfer, polishing, Deburring Machine cleaning and other precision grinding work once completed.

2. Irregular parts, holes, tubes, dead ends, cracks, etc. Deburring Machine can be grinding processing.

3. Processing speed, simple and safe, low cost.

4. After the finished product is not deformed, does not affect the accuracy.

5. Model complete, can be designed to customize the special models.

Deburring Machine use:

1. Remove the burr precision grinding.

2. Remove the oxide film work.

3. Oil finish finished surface polishing.

4. Corrosion removal treatment.

5. Sintered black mark treatment.

6. Gold industry polished wash work.

Deburring Machine Product advantages:

1. Grinding speed, the average time of a grinding time of about 3 minutes to 15 minutes or so, Deburring Machine with double processing slot replacement workpiece fast, Deburring Machine can be exchanged in the machine running grinding parts.

2. Simple operation, absolutely safe, one person can operate several machines.

3. Low cost, stainless steel needle for the semi-permanent grinding material, consumption is very low, the only supplies for the grinding fluid.

4. No pollution, grinding fluid is 97% moisture, Deburring Machine it is non-toxic and the risk of fire, in full compliance with environmental protection standards.

5. After grinding is completed, the workpiece is handled properly, and the workpiece and stainless steel needle can be easily separated by screen, screen, Deburring Machine electromagnetic force, or separator.

6. Stainless steel needle has a diameter of 0.2mm to 2.0mm to choose from.