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Deburring Machine Processing Speed Fast

Deburring machine is a comprehensive manifestation of ultrasonic cavitation, erosion, stirring, emulsification and cavitation. Cavitation in the ultrasonic deburring and cleaning is the main role, it can damage the burr, dirt particles on the surface of the cleaned parts of the adhesion state. Deburring Machine Coupled with the role of micro-flow, so that the cleaning fluid to produce vibration and stirring, burr and dirt from the surface of the cleaned parts and cracks clean. The emulsification effect is that the burr and oil are quickly dispersed and emulsified in the cleaning solution.

Deburring Machine Features:

1. Light iron type metal, non-ferrous metal, hard plastic and other precision parts finished products, remove burrs, chamfer, polishing, Deburring Machine cleaning and other precision grinding work once completed.

2. Irregular parts, hole, tubes, dead corners, such as cracks can be grinding processing.

3. Fast processing speed, simple and safe operation, low cost.

4. The finished product processing does not deform, Deburring Machine does not affect the precision.

5. Machine species complete, Deburring Machine can be designed custom-made machine species.

Deburring Machine Use:

1. Remove the burr precision grinding.

2. The removal of oxide film work.

3. Finish surface Polishing treatment.

4. Corrosion removal treatment.

5. Sintering blackening trace Treatment.

6. The gold decoration industry polishes the clean work.

Deburring Machine Advantages:

1. Grinding speed, the average grinding time of about 3 minutes to 15 minutes, Deburring Machine with double processing groove replacement workpiece fast, can be in the machine operation Exchange grinding parts.

2. Simple operation, absolutely safe, one person can operate several machines.

3. Low cost, stainless steel needle for semi-permanent grinding, very low consumption, the only supplies for grinding fluid.

4. No pollution, abrasive liquid is containing 97% water, Deburring Machine so no toxicity and fire risk, fully in line with environmental emission standards.

5. After finishing, the workpiece is well disposed, the usable sieve, the sieve tube, Deburring Machine the electromagnetism force, or the separator machine easily separates the workpiece and the stainless steel needle.

6. The stainless steel needle has a diameter of 0.2mm to 2.0mm to choose from.