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Deburring Machine Processing Speed Fast

Deburring machine is mainly composed of electric motor, electric control part, hydraulic part, auxiliary clamp, operation console, polishing nozzle, casing, base and so on, each part is very important in the operation of the equipment, which is indispensable.

Deburring machine is equipped with a power plant in the inner cylinder, and the drive shaft of the power plant is connected with the cutter head through the connector. Deburring Machine The outer wall of the inner cylinder is fitted with an outer cylinder, and the inner circumference of the outer cylinder is provided with a limit table, and the limit table is contacted with the end of the spring, and the lower part of the inner cylinder is connected with the cover of the upper part, and the outer circumference of the cover is matched with The upper surface of the lid is contacted with the other end of the spring; the upper end of the inner cylinder is provided with a cover, Deburring Machine and the bottom surface of the cover is contacted with the top face of the outer cylinder, and the outer wall of the inner cylinder is provided with a bow piece, and a scribing plate is arranged on the outer cylinder, and the position of the bow piece is corresponding to the scribing

The deburring machine controls the cutting volume by controlling the pressure of the cutter head and the workpiece through the spring. This can be more time-saving in the operation process, Deburring Machine improve the processing efficiency, no need to control the pressure, the workpiece has played an active role in protection.

In recent years with the attention of various industries to Burr removal, deburring machine constantly updated, deburring methods are endless. Now commonly used deburring There are several main:

1. Manual deburring: The traditional way is steel file, sandpaper, grinding head, while trimming knife gradually replaced these traditional methods, easy to use, do not need technical treatment, Deburring Machine cost-saving and environmental protection.

2. Chemical deburring: deburring machine, the principle of chemical reaction, the metal materials made of parts automatically, selectively to complete deburring operations. Deburring Machine It can be widely used in pneumatic, hydraulic, engineering machinery, nozzle oil pump, automobile, engine and other industries different metal materials of the pump body, valve body, connecting rod, plunger needle valve parts, such as deburring processing. Suitable for internal burr, heat treatment and finishing parts which are difficult to remove.

Deburring Machine Product Features:

1. Light iron type metal, non-ferrous metal, hard plastic and other precision parts finished products, remove burrs, chamfer, polishing, cleaning and other precision grinding work once completed.

2. Irregular parts, hole, tubes, dead corners, Deburring Machine such as cracks can be grinding processing.

3. Fast processing speed, simple and safe operation, low cost.

4. The finished product processing does not deform, does not affect the precision.

5. Machine species complete, Deburring Machine can be designed custom-made machine species.

Deburring Machine Use:

1. Remove the burr precision grinding.

2. The removal of oxide film work.

3. Finish surface Polishing treatment.

4. Corrosion removal treatment.

5. Sintering blackening trace Treatment.

6. The gold decoration industry polishes the clean work.