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How To Adjust The Polishing Machine?

Polishing machine polishing of the key is to try to get the maximum rate in order to quickly get rid of the damage that occurs when polishing. Together make the Polish damage will not affect the observed at the end of the arrangement that will not cause the leave arrangements.

Use coarse abrasive former demand, larger polishing rate in order to ensure to remove the grinding damage layer, but Polish damage layer is deep; the latter demand the use of the finest materials, polishing damage layer is shallow, but polishing rate low.

The opposition's best method is divided into two during the polishing. Rough behind the intention is to remove grinding damage layer, should have the maximum polishing rate during this period, consisting of rough cast surface damage right and wrong must be thinking, but it should be as small as possible, followed by the finely polished (or throw), the intent is to remove the rough cast surface damage and makes polished to minimize damage.

Active polishing machine operation is relatively simple, the operator simply polishing of objects placed in the corresponding fixture in advance. Fixtures will be fixed on the active polishing machine table. Launched active polishing machine, active polishing machine polishing the end job in a set time, active suspension, remove the object from the job table. Active before polishing machine, needs good polishing head with the job interval. To get the best touch, throwing the best role.