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Plate And Frame Filter Press Applicability

Plate and frame filter press is a very mature dewatering equipment, sludge treatment in Europe and the United States on a lot of applications. The filter plate and the filter box are arranged in parallel with each other. The filter plate and the filter frame are sandwiched between the filter plate and the filter box. The filter plate and the filter frame are pressed with the compression end, so that the filter plate and the filter plate Between the composition of a pressure chamber. Sludge from the feed port into the water through the filter plate from the filtrate discharge, Plate and Frame Filter Press mud cake accumulation in the box on the filter cloth, filter plate and filter box after the release of mud cake is easy to peel off, with simple operation, Solid high, Plate and Frame Filter Press strong applicability and so on.

Plate and frame filter press is an ideal slime water treatment equipment, the impact of its operating conditions are the main factors into the pressure, concentration, particle size and operating level. In order to improve the working conditions of the filter press, improve work efficiency, Plate and Frame Filter Press for everyone to improve the efficiency of plate and frame filter press several aspects.

1, to ensure a reasonable feeding grain size

Part of China's coal preparation plant using coal slime centrifuge or other equipment with coal slurry filter combined operations to achieve the recovery of coal and water closed. When the coal washing system running coarse, you can part of the concentration of the main streamer into the slime centrifuge, Plate and Frame Filter Press the recovery of coarse materials, centrifuge centrifugal liquid back to the filter press feed, which can improve the filter press the particle size Composition, but also can improve the working conditions of filter press.

2, to ensure a reasonable level of plate and plate filter press feed concentration

In theory, the higher the concentration of the filter press, the higher the concentration, the shorter the filtration cycle, the greater the amount of treatment, the ideal moisture content of the filter cake and the lower solids content of the filtrate. However, China's coal preparation plant will generally rake thickener into the bottom of the filter press, high undercurrent concentration to the rake thickener of the normal and safe operation of the hidden dangers, if the pursuit of high ground concentration, may cause rake Thicker pressure rake, Plate and Frame Filter Press affecting the normal production. Therefore, the filter press feed concentration should be maintained at 400-600g / L, so that both can ensure that the filter press the required concentration, but also to ensure the normal operation of rake thickener.

3, to maintain a reasonable feeding pressure

Feeding pressure is the main driving force in the filtration process, the greater the feed pressure, the faster the filtration rate. However, the high inlet pressure is likely to cause wear of the equipment. At the beginning of the feed, the sealing capacity of the filter chamber is not ideal. Therefore, the plate and frame filter press and the initial pressure of the filter press should keep the low pressure and high pressure. Should be controlled at 0.11-0.12MPa, otherwise it will cause the filter press to run the material, to the subsequent pressure filter, cake and cake to bring adverse effects. Pressure in the filter stage to control the 0.149-0.159MPa is appropriate, but can not be greater than 0.18MPa, so as not to pressure on the filter press filter, Plate and Frame Filter Press rack and other damage caused by unnecessary wear and tear on the feed pump. In addition, the site can adjust the pressure through the gate valve can also be through the feed pump motor frequency control device to achieve pump head (to provide pressure) reasonable adjustment.