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Polishing Machine Meets Different Customer Requirements For Workpiece

Polishing machine is a kind of electric things, polishing machine by the base, parabolic, polishing fabric, polishing cover and other fundamental components. The motor is firmly on the base, and the cone sleeve for the compact disc is connected with the motor shaft by screws. The polished fabric is fastened on the parabolic disc through the ferrule, Polishing Machine and the motor can be used to exert pressure on the specimen to hold the polishing on the rotating disc after the switch on the base is connected with the power. Polishing fluids participating in the polishing process can be placed in a side plate adjacent to the polishing machine through a drain in a plastic tray firmly on the base.

Polishing machine with high efficiency, good finish, abrasive supplies, such as a wide range of characteristics.

The polishing machine has the features of simple operation, Polishing Machine stable product performance and low noise. The machine has a variety of wheel polishing wheel to choose "Chiba wheel, Hemp wheel, nylon wheel, wool wheel, cloth wheel, PVA, etc." can achieve different polishing effect, to meet different customer requirements for the workpiece

The use of polishing machine: Mainly used in metal, electroplating, vehicle parts, Polishing Machine steel and wood furniture, standard parts and other manufacturing industries. It is your best choice to polish round pipe, round stick and slender shaft. Polishing machine can improve work efficiency, improve workpiece surface finish, make your workpiece more high-grade. The main features of the machine: suitable for different size of the workpiece diameter polishing. Scope of application: electroplating, metal, mold processing, electroplating pipe, galvanized pipe, pipe, steel, shelf tube, gas spring rod, hydraulic fittings, copper pipe copper rod, steel bar, Polishing Machine stainless steel pipe, aluminum pipe, handicraft processing, steel furniture, pipe, vehicle accessories, such as the circular polishing industry.

The speed of the guide wheel can be adjusted to meet the requirements of grinding and polishing of workpieces with different diameters and speeds. Optional install cooling system, Polishing Machine equipped with dustproof cover, environmental protection and safety.

Scope of Use: The machine is mainly used for: hardware, electroplating, steel wood furniture, standard parts, decorative pipe, oil cylinder rod, auto parts and hydraulic transmission and other manufacturing industries. For all kinds of shaft, rod parts, pipe fittings outside the surface polishing, Polishing Machine suitable for the lathe after finishing the workpiece polishing.

Polishing machine applicable to a wide range of industries, mainly for: construction hardware, plumbing equipment, lighting products, sanitary ware, tableware industry, chassis cabinets, furniture industry, props shelves, automotive industry, sports equipment, medical equipment, Polishing Machine acrylic plastic jewelry, metal electronics, iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc alloy, ceramics, and other metal polishing