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Polishing Machine Noise

Noise generated in the process of polishing with polishing machine, polishing machine noise to some extent on impact, efficiency, and the effect of workpiece. Noise reduction must be clear about its causes and sources, and only in this way can take steps to avoid the root causes of noise solutions to noise.

We usually pay more attention and observation, you'll find grinding when Adobe does not balance the role of violent vibration and noise. Therefore, the vibrations that are the source of noise, this is not the case, or rare phenomenon, it's just a dynamic instability phenomena, and is particularly common in the plane polishing machine. As the operator, you can try to simplify its inherent principle diagram, to explore a single particle analysis, in particular the analysis of the vibration of the grinding head, will eventually come to grinding width of head speed grinding and polishing machine is a direct factor in creating noise.

By means of vibration analysis, we come to the grinding width speed of grinding and polishing machine grinding noise of the most important factor. In order to prevent resonance occurs only suitable grinding width and speed, can effective control over the noise of the polishing machine. Noise reduced or controlled for polishing machine efficiency improvement is very positive, as head of polishing machines and maintenance staff should pay enough attention to Polish staff creating a quiet working environment.