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Polishing Machines Become An Indispensable Tool

Polishing machine is a power tool, polishing machine from the base, selling, polishing fabric, polishing cover and cover and other basic components. The electric head is fixed on the base, and the conical sleeve for the fixed polishing disc is connected with the motor shaft by screws. Polishing Machine The polished fabric is fastened to the polishing disc by the ferrule, and the electric motor is turned on by the switch on the base. After the power is turned on, the pressure can be applied to the sample by hand. The polishing solution added during the polishing process can flow into the square plate placed beside the polishing machine through the drain pipe in the plastic tray fixed to the base. Polishing hood and cover can be anti-ashes and other debris in the machine when not in use on the polishing fabric and affect the use of results

With the development of society, Polishing Machine polishing machine is increasingly necessary for people's daily life, especially in industrial development, it has become an indispensable tool.

The main structure includes a main motor drive mechanism, a pulley system for rotating the rotating body, a disk rotor for the planetary transmission, a sprocket wheel for driving the drum, a sprocket reducer for controlling the rotation and discharge of the drum, Operation control system, Polishing Machine security insurance system and so on. The main working principle: in the circumference of the rotor on the equidistantly mounted on the four hexagonal drum, drum on the one hand with the rotation of the rotation of rotation, Polishing Machine on the other hand in the sprocket system, the polishing machine drum around their own axis To rotate (to the opposite). The planetary motion of the drum causes the material in the drum to always remain on the outer side of the inner wall of the drum due to the centrifugal force and to create a flow layer on the surface. In this flow layer, the grinding stone and the workpiece to produce relative movement, and the workpiece surface fine cutting, extrusion, so that the workpiece surface to get light.

 Features: 1. The use of planetary rotation and centrifugal movement principle, so that parts and polishing abrasives in the rotation and rotation process grinding and polishing each other 2. Polishing Machine Applicable batch small and medium parts, especially for the special-shaped cavity and heat treatment of the workpiece, 20 times 3. Hexagon barrel lined with rubber or polyurethane (PU), synchronous belt drive, smooth operation, low noise; 4. Built-in four hexagonal barrels for the horizontal installation, replaceable polyurethane barrels, drum group can be replaced, does not affect Host working hours


1. The volume of the work in each drum (workpiece, grinding stone, water, etc.) does not exceed 45% to 55% of the volume of the drum,

2. Workpieces and grinding stone ratio is generally 1: 1 ~ 1: 5, polishing machine fine grinding 1:10, Polishing Machine the specific workpiece should be determined after the test.

3. Once the standard working hours in principle for about 1 hour, if it is necessary to continue to work, should be based on the drum liner layer of heat resistance temperature does not exceed 80 ℃,

Replace the water and abrasive for about 1 hour before proceeding.

4. Four drums should be equal to the amount of loading, due to the amount of load or load weight is not equal, there will be unbalanced and dangerous, Polishing Machine should be absolutely avoided.

5. When loading the workpiece, the drum cover and the drum between the edge of the debris, the polishing machine due to poor sealing, in the operation will produce splash, so pay attention to rinse.

6, the use of chain drive or timing belt with two structural models for customers to choose.