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The Cleaning Speed Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Is Fast

The structure and characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning machine characteristics of ultrasonic Cleaning:

1. Good cleaning effect, high cleanliness and consistent cleanliness of all workpieces

2, fast cleaning, improve production efficiency, do not need manual contact with cleaning fluid, safe and reliable ultrasonic cleaning machine

3, the deep hole, the fine seam and the workpiece concealed place can also clean

4, no damage to the workpiece surface, saving solvents, heat, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine work space and artificial.

The cleaning efficiency and effect of ultrasonic cleaning machine are expressed as follows:

No matter how complex the shape of the workpiece, it into the cleaning liquid, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine as long as it is able to contact the liquid place, ultrasonic cleaning can be achieved

Second, the bubble in the liquid produced in the cleaning is very uniform, the cleaning effect of the workpiece will be very uniform.

Third, with the use of detergent, accelerate the separation and dissolution of pollutants, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine can effectively prevent cleaning fluid on the workpiece corrosion.

Four, do not need manual cleaning, eliminate the manual cleaning of the workpiece damage, to prevent heavy dirty manual labor.

Learned in all walks of life, almost every industry has applications to the ultrasonic cleaning machine, such as: machinery industry; external processing industry; medical industry; instrumentation industry; electromechanical electronics industry; optics industry; semiconductor industry; Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine science and technology culture; watch jewelry; petroleum chemical Industry;

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Features:

1 Ultrasonic Cleaning machine for manual and other cleaning methods can not be completely effective cleaning of the workpiece, has a significant cleaning effect, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine can completely meet the cleaning requirements.

2 Ultrasonic Cleaning machine is especially suitable for workpieces with complex shapes and structures.

3 Ultrasonic Cleaning machine can effectively reduce pollution and reduce the harm of poisonous solvents to human.

4 Ultrasonic Cleaning machine can be based on different solvents to achieve different effects, such as: oil removal, derusting or phosphating.

5 Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is at present the highest cleaning efficiency of the cleaning method, but also the best cleaning effect.

6 Ultrasonic Cleaning machine can greatly reduce labor intensity, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine eliminate labor hidden trouble.

2 Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine efficiency:

Since the advent of ultrasonic cleaning technology, its outstanding cleaning efficiency has won the favor of the vast number of industry users, in particular, it has significantly improved the cleaning efficiency and cleaning effect and let people sight. In the past, in the dirty environment, through heavy manual labor, the need for long time manual cleaning of complex mechanical parts, After the application of ultrasonic cleaning machine, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine not only improve the working environment, reduce the labor intensity, but also greatly improve the cleaning accuracy on the basis of the cleaning time shortened to the original One-fourth. Compared with all cleaning methods now, the efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning is the highest.

3 Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Cleaning effect:

In terms of cleaning methods, used in the cleaning method of industrial cleaning generally for manual cleaning, organic solvent cleaning, steam gas phase cleaning, high-pressure water jet cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, according to the cleaning effect can clearly distinguish between cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning by the international recognized as the current efficiency of the highest, the best effect of the cleaning method, Its cleaning efficiency is more than 98%, cleaning cleanliness is also reached the highest level, while the traditional manual cleaning and organic solvent cleaning efficiency is only 60%-70% even the weather cleaning and high-pressure water jet cleaning efficiency is lower than 90% therefore, industrial cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine with its high efficiency, good results, Applicable to large-scale cleaning characteristics is undoubtedly the best choice for cleaning, which is why all the industries requiring high cleanliness, such as: aviation instrumentation, vacuum coating, optical equipment, medical equipment and other industries have chosen the reason for ultrasonic cleaning.