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The Machine Adopts PLC Automatic Programmed Operation

function of forming machine equipment

1. Semi-automatic: Four axes automatic amplitude modulation, automatic metering feeding, mold box front cloth, mold box automatic positioning, 0 start, vibration after 0 stop, carbon block automatic launch.

2. Automatic: In addition to the above functions, the use of PLC automatic program-controlled operation, Forming Machine uniform single point cloth, automatic fuel injection, vacuum, carbon block automatic measurement, carbon block automatically introduced in one automatic production line.

Use of moulding machine equipment

The machine is the raw material after the reasonable ingredients, Forming Machine according to different specifications for the size of the quantity required to add the mold, through the pressure vibration, so that it meets the specifications of the product equipment.

Working principle of forming machine

Vibrating forming machine is a vibrating source using eccentric vibrator on the rotating shaft under the shaking platform, when the equipment is working, under the action of eccentric vibrator, the platform produces vibration, so that the material in the upper mold of the platform vibrates, Forming Machine effectively reduces the internal friction between the materials, and the material is rearranged under the combined action of the upper heavy hammer to achieve the desired effect.

Characteristics of Molding machine equipment

The equipment is mainly used for prebaked anode, the vibration molding of small size electrodes, with automatic, semi-automatic, manual three control forms. It fully patented technology "dual-drive automatic amplitude-modulated vibration platform", "the principle of the synchronous distributor for the carbon vibrating molding machine, the" amplitude modulation distributor ", the vibration pressure forming method is used to start and stop the vibration platform under 0 amplitude, Forming Machine so as to avoid the resonance phenomenon during start-up and shutdown. In the process of vibration can be achieved small amplitude feed pre-vibration, large amplitude vibration, vibration process completed 60-90 seconds, the equipment can produce different specifications of the anode, electrodes, with high efficiency, reliable work, stable operation and other characteristics, to meet the requirements of continuous mass production. Forming Machine A variety of carbon products with high density and evenly up and down, the appearance of neat, groove edges and clear, the overall no defects, long service life.