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The Molding Machine Is The Ideal Equipment For Production

The molding machine is mainly applied to the production of civil and industrial briquette. The equipment has superior technical performance, compact structure, complete process of assembly process. The molding roller adopts special wear-resistant material, long service life, and also solves the common forming in briquette production. Low pressure, low strength of the ball and other issues, Forming Machine is the ideal equipment in the production of briquette.

Main components

(A) the whole group is divided into four parts

1, feeding part

The main material used in the molding machine is coal, with a certain proportion of bulk, and the diameter of the forming roll is relatively large, there is a large bite into the angle, so ensure that the material evenly into the double roll between the quantitative feed is important, generally Vibration feeder or quantitative belt feeding; quantitative feeding purpose is to make the host running smoothly, the load is stable, Forming Machine when the feed exceeds the host output is good, the ball's strength is poor, so the operation is good to control the operation of the machine is important Link.

2, the transmission part

Main drive system

The main drive system of this series is: motor - V-belt - cylindrical gear reducer - open gear - type roller.

3, forming part

The molding part mainly refers to the main part, Forming Machine the core part of the type of roller, the overall type of roller is generally made of forging, wear resistance, long life, bad ball processing technology, suitable for all kinds of materials, and reliable, In the high-pressure molding machine; fan-shaped plate is generally made of precision casting, easy replacement and maintenance, Forming Machine but the relatively high cost of manufacturing and processing, heat treatment process difficult, short life plate, generally not used.

4, hydraulic part

The entire hydraulic system plays a role in ensuring the molding pressure and the protection roller. The system is easy to operate and reliable. According to the experience of many years of production of dry powder pressure ball machine,

The circuit is equipped with accumulator to ensure that the system pressure and the piston back when the protection circuit, hydraulic pump station to take DBD series of electric oil pump; the pump together with the fuel tank pressure gauge, and a variety of application valves self-contained; the pump's main working principle Is driven by the motor to drive the pump, the hydraulic oil through the oil into the valve inhalation, Forming Machine the discharge port discharge, together from the oil system into the cylinder, to the pressure roller to provide a stable thrust, when the feed is too large, the two pairs of rollers The center of the distance will increase, the cylinder piston by the back pressure and then move, resulting in increased pressure on the system, the pressure oil return to the accumulator to ensure the safety of operation, start the host before the system to suppress the pressure to be a certain pressure, Station motor, the entire system pressure by the one-way valve and accumulator to ensure that, Forming Machine or machine work process must not start the pump motor.

Main performance parameters

1, product specifications performance parameters table

2, bulb shape and size

The shape and size of briquette have a great influence on the combustion condition of the furnace. The spherical shape and external dimensions of the system can be selected according to the requirements of the user. The shape of the pellets is pillow-shaped, , Apricot-shaped, small granular and so on.