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The Operation Of The Polishing Machine Is Simple

Polishing machine is the most widely used metallographic specimen, the most important link, its quality directly determines the effect of the late metallographic microscope observation, the main role of the polishing machine is not to destroy the specimen surface tissue (such as oxidation) in the case of the fastest speed to the sample surface of impurities polished into a mirror effect, Polishing specimens are mainly mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing, chemical polishing, and so on, the most widely used is mechanical polishing, the main reason is the low mechanical polishing input, simple operation, high efficiency advantages

Polishing the most critical operation is to achieve the fastest speed mirror effect without damage to the specimen surface of the organization, in general, the polishing should be two-step operation to achieve, the first step for the coarse toss, the use of polished fabric for canvas, polishing machine speed in 600-1000r/min, The main role is to remove the polishing is sandpaper on the surface of the specimen of the damage layer; Polishing Machine The second part is to fine-toss, the polished fabric used for silk, the polishing machine speed between 1000-15000r/min, the main role is to further polish the specimen surface, will eventually produce a mirror surface. Polishing when the plate and the specimen surface must be parallel and force evenly, Polishing Machine to prevent the instability of the specimen produced new grinding marks, while moving the specimen to make it move back and forth in the radius direction, the entire polishing process need to add water to prevent the sample in the friction process of heat oxidation or damage to the surface tissue. The above method is only for the popular sample, for some special specimens, Polishing Machine such as easy oxidation of metal magnesium, metal magnesium in the air is very easy to oxidize, so must require a very short polishing time, which requires a higher speed and better cooling effect, metal magnesium polishing needs silk fabric, rotational speed in 1500r/min above, The use of diamond polishing powder and so on, in the past a long time, most of our use is pure hand-operated polishing machine, with the continuous improvement of technical level, equipment performance and automation level is more and more high, Polishing Machine in the near future we will slowly into the full automatic polishing machine.

The key to polishing the machine is to try to get the maximum polishing rate so as to remove the damage layer from the polishing process as soon as possible. At the same time, the polished damage layer will not affect the final observed organization, that is, will not cause false organization. The former requires the use of coarse abrasive, to ensure a larger polishing rate to remove the damaged layer, but the polishing damage layer is also deep; Polishing Machine the latter requires the use of the finest material, so that the polished damage layer is shallow, but the polishing rate is low. The best way to resolve this paradox is to divide the polishing into two stages. The purpose of coarse throw is to remove the layer of polished damage this stage should have the maximum polishing rate, the surface damage caused by rough throw is the secondary consideration, but it should be as small as possible, Polishing Machine followed by the fine throw (or final throw), the aim is to remove the surface damage caused by rough throw, so as to minimize the polishing damage.

Polishing machine polishing, the sample grinding and throwing discs should be absolutely parallel and evenly light on the CD-ROM, attention to prevent the test specimen fly out and because the pressure is too large to produce new wear marks. At the same time, the specimen should rotate and move back and forth along the radius of the turntable in order to avoid the local wear of polished fabric too fast in the polishing process to add micro-powder suspension, so that the polishing fabric to maintain a certain humidity. Humidity is too general to weaken the polished grinding effect, the phenomenon of "trailing" in the hard phase of the specimen in the floating convex and the non-metallic inclusions in the steel and the graphite phase in the cast iron. Humidity is too small, Polishing Machine because the friction heat will make the sample temperature, lubrication reduced, grinding lost luster, even appear dark spots, light alloy will throw the surface.

The performance and characteristics of the polishing machine. The polishing machine is specially aimed at treating the surface and tube of metal products such as steel, aluminum and copper, dozens of kinds of original accessories to meet different needs, easily create a variety of different precision snowflakes, wire drawing, wavy, matte, mirror, etc., rapid repair of deep scratches and slight scratches, rapid grinding and polishing; weld seam, nozzle Trace, trace oxide film , stains and paints, suitable for deburring, forming rounded corners, decorative metal processing, in the processing process will not form shadow, transition zone and uneven decorative surface, etc., is the metal products production line important equipment. Polishing machine applies to the following industries: wood, furniture industry such as flat board, furniture metal handle and other workpiece sanding wire drawing; hardware (metal) materials and products aluminum and its products, stainless steel products and utensils, copper profiles and products, Polishing Machine plumbing bathroom equipment, locks, lighting products, signs nameplate, metal crafts jewelry, knife scissors, door of the living leaves, Auto bicycle spare parts, tableware category, issue buckle products, buttons, belt buckle, mobile phone shell, watch industry, such as workpiece sanding wire drawing; electronic parts, Polishing Machine electronic equipment such as electronic parts, flat sanding wire drawing and so on.