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The Performance Automation Of Polishing Machine

About the characteristics of the polishing machine, we want to give you a simple explanation of the problem, its grinding speed is very fast, and its average grinding time is about 15 minutes, with the replacement of the workpiece fast processing groove, the machine can operate in the grinding parts of the operation of the exchange of materials, polishing machine operation is very simple, absolutely safe, Polishing Machine we can go to operate a lot of machines. Low cost, stainless steel needle for half permanent grinding material, low consumption, is the only raw material for grinding fluids. No pollution, abrasive liquid moisture content 97%, non-toxic harmless, fully in line with environmental emission standards. After finishing, Polishing Machine the workpiece after processing, can use sieve mesh, screen, electromagnetic force, or facilitate the separation of workpiece and stainless steel needle separation.

Polishing machine is a kind of electric tools, polishing machine from the base, parabolic, polishing fabric, polishing cover and other basic components. The electric idea is fixed on the base, and the cone sleeve used for fixing the disc is connected with the electric thought shaft by the screw. Polished fabric through the ring fastening on the CD-ROM, the electrical idea through the base of the switch on the power start, then can be used hand to the specimen pressure in the rolling polishing disc length. Polishing Machine The polishing fluid added to the polishing process can be placed in the side plate adjacent to the polishing machine by means of a drain in a plastic plate fixed on the base. Polishing Machine The polishing cover and the cover can prevent dirt and other sundries from falling on the polished fabric when the machine is not in use and affect the effect

The polishing machine has the high frequency vibration, causes the work matter and the abrasive stone or the steel ball, grinding agent, such as close intimate average mixing, spiral swirl-like move to grind the surface of the cutting or polishing work, Polishing Machine especially those susceptible to deformation or complex shape, hole inside the dead corner of the work of the use of local grinding can get the average quality, and in the process of operation can be sampled at any time, save time, improve quality; Polishing Machine The material area is provided with a switch gate, a filter net, and so on can separate the grinding material from the abrasive, easy to select material and manipulate simplicity.

Characteristics of the polishing machine:

1, polishing machine using the world long to improve the predecessors of the spiral churning activities, the principle of three-dimensional vibration, so that parts and rolling abrasives grinding each other to achieve the effect of polishing.

2, polishing machine with large quantities of medium, small, Polishing Machine size parts of the grinding polishing processing, progressive ergonomics $number times, saving about 1/3.

3. The polishing machine does not destroy the original size and shape of the parts in the vibratory lapping and polishing process.

4, polishing performance automation, unmanned homework, manipulate the benefit, Polishing Machine in the work process, can spot check the processing of parts.

5, a model of the polishing machine can automatically separate the abrasive and workpiece, Polishing Machine to achieve automatic material selection, saving labor costs.