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The Polishing Machine Uses Safety Knowledge

Polishing machine such machinery and equipment, in the operation is a standardized specification, if there is no plan is difficult to make the desired effect, Polishing Machine the specification of the operating specifications include device operation. The following summarizes the following points using the safety knowledge of polishing equipment:

1, polishing machine work, polished goods polishing accessories can not go beyond 11KG, regardless of the size of the items.

2, polishing machine grinding moment certainly can not exceed 60 minutes, the time as short as possible.

3, the temperature inside the silicone must be suitable, Polishing Machine too high burn not only the machine there are items.

Maintenance of automatic polishing machine a few tips:

First of all, before the maintenance of automatic polishing machine, be sure to read the manual in detail, familiar with the use of each site and should pay attention to the matter:

(1) the cleaning of the machine to carry out the operation, Polishing Machine at least once a week to ensure that the phenomenon of clogging.

(2) regularly on the skateboard and the knife and the front knife cleaning and maintenance lubrication to do once, the general maintenance cycle in a month or so.

(3) Lubricant is an important part of the automatic polishing machine maintenance work, usually in about 3 months after all the bearings need to be re-added again lubricants.

(4) long-term need to maintain the parts of the reducer wheel oil, Polishing Machine the general 1 to 2 years to add once.

(6) each time the fuel, you need to grasp the amount of time to add should not be excessive, so as not to switch the oil and oil machine failure.

In daily use, should pay attention to keep the machine in a dry, do not let the machine contact with water things, not to use water directly flush. If there are other do not understand the place, you can contact us for consultation.