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The Test Method Of Filter Press Plate

Filter Board and filter cloth is most easy wear and destroyed of, this on requirements we need regularly on board box pressure filter machine for filter Board of maintenance and replaced, so in replaced filter Board of when, we the how purchase performance compared high of filter Board does? how of standard of pressure filter machine filter Board only is qualified of filter Board does? following let we detailed introduced about.

First of all, we bought the new filter plates necessary conditions is the matching and original equipment filter plate dimensions are almost the same, these include, filter Board length, width and thickness, if there is a deviation is to cause the filter plate put aside when the device beams, move around in the filter, even could not, thus seriously affecting the overall operation of the filter.

Secondly, there is a hole inside the filter plate, due to the filter plate is formed by thermal processing of polypropylene casting, which is on the filter plate of filter press original heating the material to use, so the filter plate is likely to result in the casting process voids, when the hole reached a certain space or quantity, so that the filter plate is not a qualifying product.

And then there's the depth of the filter plates SAG down. Filter Board sag down of depth on decided has equipment each a times clearance cycle of workload (usually filter Board depth about deep, each a times of workload on more big), but is not more deep more good, but filter Board sag down of depth beyond has filter Board itself bear powerful pressure of capacity Shi, filter Board on easy capacity of fracture or damaged, even can caused filter Board suddenly of burst, injury and the life.