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There Are Two Types Of Polishing Machines

The main role of the polishing machine is to not destroy the specimen surface tissue (such as oxidation), the fastest speed will be the surface of the sample polishing the effect of impurities, polishing samples are mainly mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing, chemical polishing, etc., the most widely used is mechanical polishing, the main reason is the low mechanical polishing, simple operation, Advantages of high efficiency

Polishing machine is mainly used to throw the optical resin, glass, Polishing Machine metal products by grinding edge, grinding machine grinding wheel left by the grinding groove, so that the edge of the lens surface smooth and smooth, in case of a frame or half frame glasses.

Working principle of polishing machine

The polishing machine is composed of an electric motor and one or two polishing wheels. By the motor driven polishing wheel high-speed rotation, so that the lens need to polish the polishing part with the polishing agent of the polishing wheel contact to produce friction, Polishing Machine the lens edge surface can be thrown to smooth brightness. There are two types of polishing machines. One is the use of eyeglasses frame polishing machine modified, can be called vertical polishing machine. Polishing wheel material uses laminated cloth wheel or cotton silk cloth wheel. The other is a newly designed lens polishing machine, called a Right-angle plane polishing machine or horizontal polishing machine. It is characterized by polishing wheel surface and console face 45° angle tilt, easy to process operation, and polishing, the lens and polishing wheel with the right angle contact, Polishing Machine exempt from the non-polishing part of the accidental grinding injury. Polishing wheel material selection of ultra-fine emery paper and compressed thin blankets. Superfine sandpaper for coarse throw, thin felt with special polishing agent for fine throw.

Polishing the most critical operation is to achieve the fastest speed mirror effect without damage to the specimen surface of the organization, in general, the polishing should be two-step operation to achieve, the first step for the coarse toss, the use of polished fabric for canvas, polishing machine speed in 600-1000r/min, The main role is to remove the polishing is sandpaper on the surface of the specimen of the damage layer; Polishing Machine The second part is to fine-toss, the polished fabric used for silk, the polishing machine speed between 1000-15000r/min, the main role is to further polish the specimen surface, will eventually produce a mirror surface. Polishing when the plate and the specimen surface must be parallel and force evenly, to prevent the instability of the specimen produced new grinding marks, while moving the specimen to make it move back and forth in the radius direction, Polishing Machine the entire polishing process need to add water to prevent the sample in the friction process of heat oxidation or damage to the surface tissue. The above method is only for the popular sample, for some special specimens, such as easy oxidation of metal magnesium, metal magnesium in the air is very easy to oxidize, so must require a very short polishing time, which requires a higher speed and better cooling effect, metal magnesium polishing needs silk fabric, rotational speed in 1500r/min above, The use of diamond polishing powder and so on, in the past a long time, most of our use is pure manual operation of the polishing machine, Polishing Machine with the continuous improvement of technical level, equipment performance and automation level is more and more high, in the near future we will slowly enter the full automatic polishing machine